Staines Road Surgery

323/325 Staines Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5AU

Telephone: 020 8894 2722

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Top Tips

These are some recommendations for booking and attending appointments.

Before booking your appointment:

  • Write down your two or three most important questions.
  • List or bring all your medicines and pills.
  • Write down details of your symptoms, including when they started and what, if anything, makes them feel better or worse.
  • Ask the receptionist for an interpreter beforehand if you need one.

During your appointment:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand.
  • If you don’t understand anything ask for it to be written down and explained.
  • Write things down, or ask a friend or family member to attend and support.

Before you leave your appointment:

  • Check that you’ve covered everything.
  • Check that you understand all the advice you have been given.
  • Check that you know what needs to happen next.
  • Ask who you can contact if you need further advice.
  • Ask about support groups and where to go for reliable information.
  • Ask for any copies of letters written about you that you may need copies of for your own records.

After your appointment:

  • Keep a note of what you have discussed and what happens next.
  • Book any recommended tests and make a note of the dates.
  • Ask who to contact if you are not sent appointment details following a referral.
  • Follow up any test results; these should be available approximately one week after the test.

Opening Times

  • Monday
    08:30am to 01:00pm
    03:00pm to 06:30pm
  • Tuesday
    08:30am to 01:00pm
    03:00pm to 06:30pm
  • Wednesday
    08:30am to 01:00pm
    03:00pm to 06:30pm
  • Thursday
    08:30am to 01:00pm
    03:00pm to 06:30pm
  • Friday
    08:30am to 01:00pm
    03:00pm to 06:30pm
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
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